Generating True Random Key Material with Quantis/USB

To obtain maximum security with RBridge you need to generate a 64 MB file containing true random data. Our recommendation is the Quantis USB device from ID Quantique which is a physical random number generator exploiting an elementary quantum optics process.

Basically, photons – light particles – are sent one by one onto a semi-transparent mirror and detected. These exclusive events (reflection – transmission) are associated to 0 – 1 bit values.


For more information about quantum effect true random number generators take a look at the company website of ID Quantique:

The screenshot below shows the settings with EasyQuantis before generating 67108864 bytes (64 MB) of true random binary data. The generation process takes about 2 minutes.

The resulting file needs to be placed on both RBridges that are intended to establish a highly secure connection and be referenced by the parameter true_random_keymaterial in rbridge.conf.


Any other copy should be deleted deleted immediately (or better be purged / overwritten before). Don’t forget any smart “Trash” still keeping it and make sure that it isn’t automatically backed up.

Always keep in mind that all public Internet traffic is proactively recorded and automatically examined at various places. Therefore this file should never be copied over public Internet, no matter which way.