RBridge comes with a 30 day trial license. RBridge in trial mode needs to be restarted after 24 hours of operation, this can be safely done with cron. Licensing for the Raspberry Pi platform is free of charge.

Downloading RBridge means that you agree to the RBridge End User License Agreement.

Just press the download button below and select the latest release package for your operating system and platform.

Detailed installation instructions are available here: Installation and Deinstallation of RBridge.

latest Release:

RBridge 8.216: January 17, 2020

  • Installation for macOS is now done just by copying the rbridge binary from the provided tar archive to /usr/local/bin. The former .pkg package for macOS is no longer provided.
  • The installation instructions for macOS have been updated in the online manual.
  • A few minor typos in text messages have been fixed.
  • Support for the upcoming TCP mode has been added.


Download RBridge


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